Across much of the earth’s surface are ancient earthworks and stone system; and John Michell argues that they served the elemental science. Obituary: Champion of New Age ideas and author of the counterculture classic The View Over Atlantis. New View Over Atlantis by John Michell, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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New View Over Atlantis : John Michell :

Richard Lewis rated it it was amazing Jan 18, He believed that humans really desired to live in a state of extreme order, [90] deeming a societal hierarchy to be natural and inevitable. Lists with Ovwr Book. Who really was the author of Shakespeare’s plays?

From to he contributed several columns to tabloid newspaper The Mirror as part of an ongoing series run by the astrologer Jonathan Cainer. An abiding preoccupation was the Shakespeare authorship question.

Michell’s books received a broadly positive reception amongst the “New Age” and “Earth mysteries” movements and he is credited as perhaps being “the most articulate and influential writer ovver the subject of leys and alternative studies of the past”.

A Book of Wondersan encyclopedic work devoted virw paranormal and fortean phenomena which covered such topics as UFOs, werewolveslake monstersand spontaneous human combustion. His performance in exams was hindered by a disinclination to get up early enough to take them.

Michell’s impact on the hippie subculture was recognised by mainstream media, and he was invited to submit an article titled “Flying saucers” to The Listener in Maywhich was accompanied by a critical piece by editor Karl Millerin which Michell was described as “less a hippy, perhaps, than a hippy’s counsellor, one of their junior Merlins.

He spent his two years of national service in the Royal Navyduring which time he qualified as a Russian translator at the School of Slavonic Studies. Michell however refused to cooperate with the project, which was abandoned.


stlantis The Black Power activist Michael Xhaving previously run a gambling club in the thd, had now become active in the organisation of the LFS and brought Michell into counter-culture activities. Sophie Gale rated it liked it Jun 06, Although I read it a long time ago and I had to skip over the geometrical formulas at times, it was an ejoyable read.

He carefully and thoroughly documents the research that points to these ancient sites as places of high magic.

He read modern languages at Trinity College, though he preferred the social and bohemian to the academic life. North American Academic Press. Michell developed an interest in Ufology and Earth mysteries after attending a talk given by Jimmy Goddard at Kensington Central Library on the subject of “Leys and Orthonies” in November Publishers Weekly was critical, [74] while The Washington Post and The Independent praised his treatment of the subject.


John Michell’s studies of ancient measures have enabled him to define their exact values. A Countercultural Vlew of London since Its author is not featured among them. Mark rated it really liked it Jan 10, For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Open Preview See a Problem? It was quite obvious that people were having experiences that weren’t allowed for within the context of our education.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I was never really sympathetic to them, but I saw no way of questioning them. An affectionate and fascinating account of odd folk over the centuries, it has one striking omission.

He accompanied this with a column on esoteric topics for the Daily Mirror tabloid. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Ioan Culianu ovfr, a specialist in gnosticism and Renaissance esoteric studies, in atlqntis review in of The Dimensions of Paradise: With his revolutionary vision of prehistoric science far in advance of that accorded early civilisations by archaeologists — a modern-day Merlin of hippiedom — he greatly influenced the baby boomer generation by extolling countercultural values in the areas of earth mysteries, consciousness expansion and New Atlantia thinking.


He always struck me as a very atlantus, peaceful person with a very good sense of humour. The s started early in W11, which was emerging from its race-riots-and-pimps era.

The View Over Atlantis

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. However, in his case study was analysed by two archaeologists, Tom Williamson and Liz Bellamy, as part of their work Ley Lines in Questiona critical analysis of the evidence for ley-lines. InMichell founded the Anti-Metrification Board to oppose the adoption of the metric system of measurement in the United Kingdom.

Sue Bridgwater rated it really liked it Aug 05, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. They highlighted that Michell had erroneously included medieval crosses and natural features under his definition of late prehistoric monuments, and that arguments for ley-lines more widely could not be sustained. Titled Rushdie’s InsultMichell later withdrew the publication.

Described as an exponent of “British nativist spirituality”, [] he adopted the view of the British-Israelite movement that the British vieew represented the descendants of the Ten Lost Tribes who are mentioned in the Old Testament. Ann rated it really liked micbell Nov 13,