The constitution is the supreme law of the country and all other laws are subordinate to it. Any laws inconsistent with the constitution are declared void to the. Jan 15, Interim Constitution of Nepal (), which has been made through a political understanding and to be in force until a new constitution is. Apr 10, The Interim Constitution as published here includes the changes made by the five amending Acts –the Interim Constitution of Nepal (First.

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The Prime Minister can, on the recommendation of the concerned political party, appoint the Minister of State from amongst the members of Legislative-Parliament. There are young leaders on row to show up for the responsibilities of the nation.

While carrying out the election as prescribed in Sub- clause 1the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson should be from the different political parties represented in the Constituent Assembly, Until the intrim the election is not completed for Chairperson and Vice Chairperson as prescribed in Sub- clause 1the Constituent Assembly member who is by age the senior-most person in the Constituent Assembly shall preside over the meeting of the Constituent Assembly.

Remuneration and Other Privileges: No loan shall be raised or guarantee be given by the Government of Nepal except in accordance with law. The principle of inclusiveness shall have to be kept in mind while choosing the candidates by the political parties according to part a of Sub-clause 3 and while listing the candidates by the political parties pursuant to part bthey should make sure that various people like women, Dalit suppressed groupunderprivileged tribes, aborigines, backward region, Madhesi including other class are proportionally represented according to the law.

Sovereignty and 22063 Authority: Sessions of the Constituent Assembly: It is not the time of fighting and quarelling between ourselves. Public Service Commission Part Dissolution of the Constituent Assembly: This anon guy is really full of it.

Highlights: Interim Constitution of Nepal 2063

In the case of the death of the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister or the senior most Minister shall function as the Prime Minister until the selection of a new Prime Minister is held. When even the king is npal, who can challenge them… Like Like. The parliament shall have the exclusive right to decide whether or not any breach of privilege has taken place.


Provided that — this sub-clause shall not prevent the arrest of any member on a criminal charge under the law. AIf a question arises as to whether a Legislative-Parliament member is disqualified or has ceased to possess any of the qualifications set forth in Article 46 the final decision regarding it shall be made by the Legislative-Parliament. Nepal is an independent, indivisible, sovereign, secular, inclusive and fully democratic State. Also, let us remember, pakistan and Afghanistan were Hindu countires once.

Transaction of Business of the Constituent Assembly in case of vacancy of Members: Additionally, there is controversy over Nepalese citizenship rules, which Nepal deems to protect the state from being overwhelmed by Indian immigrants, and which India claims discriminates against Madhesis of Indian origins, the draft constitution and final constitution that passed differ on this issue. The Election of the constitution shall be held on the date specified by the Government of Nepal after this constitution comes into effect.

Pursue the policy of establishing the rights of all citizens to education, health, housing, employment, and adequate food. Having common aspirations and united by a bond of allegiance to national independence, integrity, national interest and prosperity, the Nepalese people endowed with multiracial, multilingual, multi-religious and multicultural specialties collectively constitute the nation.

It is the time of making the country beautiful putting hands together. Now a days I dont like any type of political presentation.

Constitution of Nepal

Every citizen shall have the following freedoms: Such Fund shall be under the control of the Government of Nepal and any unforeseen expenditures shall be met out of such Constiuttion by the Government of Nepal.

Every person shall have a right to live with dignity and no law shall be made which provides for capital punishment. How can we now trust the same corrupt and blood hungry people to head our governments for at least two more years with absolute powers until a consituent assembly forms the new consitution and a new government.

Even if the Prime Minister is relieved from his position pursuant to Clause 7, the existing Council of Ministers shall continue to function until a new Council of Ministers is constituted.


Is not the power inherent to the Nepalese being hijacked by so-far mistrusted interij The chairperson and vice chairperson of the Constituent Assembly shall respectively be the chairperson and vice chairperson of the legislative.

The Interim Constitution of Nepal – ( AD) Part I – English | Canada Foundation for Nepal

More about this here:. In one hand, the dossier that will come in effect very soon keeps mum about the role of the king whose power has cohstitution been stripped off; it gives all the authorities of the Head of the State HoS to the prime minister in the other. Every citizen shall have the right to employment according to the provisions made by the law. If King is not the head of state, why he is given the salary?

Constitution of Nepal – Wikipedia

The executive power of Nepal shall, as provisioned in this Constitution and other laws, be vested in the Council onterim Ministers. Hey guys, why not even change the name of the country? Now you will get scared if you father or brother or brother-in-la or some relatives are CDO or government employee who easily get chief to rule the people of Nepal.

Similarly, national flag which has never been quetioned has its originality in the Hindu religion — particularly to the puranic rituals. Is it empowering people or disempowering them? The executive work of Nepal shall be in the name of the Nepal Government. The Finance Minister shall present supplementary estimate if the following situation is found in any fiscal year: Right against Preventive Detention: Could pls send us the Nepali version of interim constitution of federal democratic republic Nepal with fifth amendment.

They Brahmanbadi used to be the greatest discriminator of the world but This new Nepal is common playground for ethnic, minorities, madhesis, youths, woman and all excluded comminities.