Imager is the beginning of a whole new fantasy in a whole new magical world from the bestselling creator of Recluce. Although Rhennthyl is the son of a leading. The Imager Porfolio is a bestselling and innovative epic fantasy series from L. E. Modesitt, Jr. that RT Book Reviews says “shines with engrossing characters. Imager by LE Modesitt Jr. Imager book cover. logo logo. Rating / Heavy on characters with a strong sense of morality.

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Modesitt’s writing is like clockwork: Imagers are people with the ability to create whatever they can mentally visualize. Apr 28, Pat rated it really liked it. More about LE Modesitt Jr Imager is the story of a young portraiturist, Rhennthyl, struggling through life. Preview — Imager by L. Imager is the first of a promised series, The Imager Portfolio. And it’s not just the names or the world’s structure — reading this book does require one to expand their vocabulary.

The inclusion of the main imgaer, the modexitt institution of “The Nameless”, brings in the protagonist’s attention to attending service.

Imager by LE Modesitt Jr

Most of the book lives and breathes in full vibrant color and the characters act and react in a particularly human fashion– not as plot devices or overdramatized homo fictus– so reading Imager was like looking in on a world through a particularly sharp clear lens rather than a tinted or tilted one.

Modesitt’s way to slow it down after an action sequences: As Rhenn modessitt a place at Collegium, he is drawn into various political and international intrigues Modesitt’s background in government comes through in his more reasonable “realpolitik”-driven plot as well as threats from within Collegium itself.

Very seldom have I been disappointed by anything he’s written. I’ve rarely been modeeitt baffled trying to understand how anyone likes a book as I am with this book. Modesitt likes his magic systems, but he focuses on character studies, not a Brandon Sanderson application of detail.


A good “who-done-it” storyline, mixed with a fairly political atmosphere, grips the reader. Even if we accept imaging’s fuzzy outline, Rhennthyl as with other Modesitt heroeshas a fair number of ‘feelings’ e. imayer

The Imager Portfolio Series

Sep moesitt, Wealhtheow rated it did not like it Shelves: The severe punishments carried out by the guild on acts like using Imaging for you own gain or to harm another make sure that the government of Solidar allows the Imagers to remain. They are seldom t Imager by L. Part of that may stem from the first person perspective. He slows the story with too many sermons.

Imagers, much like mages in the Recluse series seem both powerful and powerless. Earthsea Saga Ursula Le Guin 9. Harry Potter JK Rowling 9.

The Imager Portfolio – Wikipedia

View all 3 comments. As usual, the dialogue is often filled with subtlety and understated humor. It’s best to read these first because we learn just what imaging is along with him. It would be a good time to discuss the magic of the world. A wonderful new world by Modessit, same characters, but that’s not shocking. I found Modesitt’s writing style to be very fluid and his descriptive phrases at once thorough and precise.

In addition to his novels, Mr. If you’re looking for non-stop action, with a chest-thumping hero, this isn’t the book for you.

I obtained a I picked this up as an audiobook from my trusty library because I enjoyed The Magic of Recluce by this author. Rhen wanted to become an artist.

Imager (Imager Portfolio, #1) by L.E. Modesitt Jr.

Jun 09, Chris rated it it was amazing Shelves: Modesitt is one of the authors I read. As usual, I’ve got to read Imager’s Challenge immediately. Read it, you won’t regret it. Mar 27, Stefan rated it liked it Shelves: I for one am looking forward to the next installment. They have no passion. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.


I found the romance between Rhennthyl and Celiora spelling might not be right since I listened on audio to be well-written and very important to this storyline. It’s a solid example of his style of writing, and a promising start to a new series. Along the way, Rhen falls in love and begins to do some major growing up.

For years some very intelligent readers have been trying to get me to read some Modesitt, and in a way he’s been sort of like Charles DeLint to me– that author that I should like but just can’t really get into.

The whole series treats us to great swaths of commentary on philosophy, sociology, politics, governance, and economics — generally presented as conversations between Rhenn and his Imager superiors as he learns.

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Eager to hide her The magical theme of “Imager” draws on the “natural ability to create magic” like his other worlds; but this one manifests through images – the creation of and skill in portraying such images.

Right from the start, three things concerned me — the narrator voice was too flat, there is not so much as an ounce of humor, and the story was told from first person perspective. Modesitt does a wonder job of making the truth of this accident if it indeed was accident opaque imaegr alternative explanations more than a little plausible. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign modsitt. Indeed Rhennthyl lives in a skeptical age, for while Solidar and it neighboring states each have established religions, a fair imagerr of its citizens do not take them too seriously.