”KCK Basın Komitesi” yargılaması İstanbul Semiha Alankuş (Diyarbakır editörü): İddianameye göre DİHA’da çalışmak başlı başına bir suç. Ömer Çiftçi ( imtiyaz sahibi): İddianame derginin basım ve dağıtım işleriyle. Pro-Kurdish Parties and Diyarbakır in general elections. Local elections in which were strongly voiced in the s (KCK ; also see a relevant indictment, TC İddianame no: /, İstanbul Cumhuriyet. Başsavcılığı. Criminal cases against some of the BDP mayors and the Diyarbakir Bar Association for Radikal, ‘KCK Bilançosu’, (04 August ) and Milliyet, ‘Ergin: KCK’dan Isanbul Cumhuriyet Bassavciligi, E/ and iddianame no: /

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A striking example can be seen kc, the instance of a court which had allowed the use of Kurdish at a hearing, but which did not allow Kurdish to be spoken at the KCK trial two years later. The indictment is also notable for adopting a non-legalistic tone, which also reveals its political stance.

Committee of High Court of Consists of 31 1. Germany Berlin- Culture 5.

This provision previously appeared in article 8 1 of the same law. Young girls who are not older than 15 years of age stopped us to check our identification documents. Ayn El Arab 1.

Lebanon-Pakrevan of Ideological 9. The author of the indictment aims to establish that the PKK enters into a strategic and pragmatic alliance with Islamic ideology when it is needed. New Constitutionalism, Cambridge, Mass.: Click here to sign up.

Sur’da tahliye edilenlere müebbet isteniyor

Indeed, with diyarbwkr one exception since the s, political parties that have concentrated on the political, cul- tural, and linguistic demands of Kurds have been closed down by the Con- stitutional Court.


Meanwhile, the recent law allowing use of non-Turkish languages in the court, should also be read in this context. The Progress Report stated: They were acquitted of the charges in Furthermore, it can be delayed up to 1 year iddianzmesi once upon the request of party leader and members of council. During these demonstrations, lasting over several days and spreading to other provinces, 12 people were killed, including ten children and youth.

It was annulled by article 19 b of Law no. Irfan Temel and others v.

2010’da Türkiye

Beiner ed Theorizing Nationalism, Albany: Such actions have then been used as a pretext to penalize people with heavy sentences.

The role of the judicial system 33 The KCK trials: First, the judgment is not reasoned elaborately and, second, as Hakyemez Diyarbark Child soldiers in PYD! Leader of the Party: Further, those collecting these signature were punished for spreading propaganda for the PKK under article 7 2 of Anti-terror Law, idianamesi http: Further, the law can also be considered in light of the above-mentioned undertakings by Turkey with the EU.

These show that the legal system remains inclined to preserve the existing hegemony in the country. Leaving aside that the PKK is an illegal, armed organization, the political demands articulated by the PKK, as cited above, are not in contradiction with a democratic system. Committee of Defense 1. Iddiahamesi if there may be some existing problems, they could be solved under the parliamentary system within the democratic regime, there being no need for autonomy.

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Skip to main content. Syrian Kurdistan Democratic Party 5.

Committee of Religion 6. Bir Tarih Yolculugu, Istanbul: In line with the indictment accepted by the Specialized Court of Spain on 23 January2 of the suspects received armed training in northern Syria within the scope of the countering DEASH program, they joined the armed branch YPG of the PKK terrorist organization, operating in Northern Syria; and it is identified that they executed the instructions of the PKK and they were actively involved into the front line of the YPG.

This formula presupposes that Kurdism is not only in contradiction with Islam but also against the interests of Kurds, who are Muslim. Highest decision-making body within the Congress: The idrianamesi trials of the KCK, with charges involving heavy sentences, instead have the capacity for eliminating and pacifying the Kurdish opposition with consequences beyond that of the political party-closure cases.

15 yıllık bir faili meçhul cinayetin tanıklığı – Soner YALÇIN

The indictment cites the goals of the KCK as follows: These events have brought the Kurdish question to a turning point. Member of HPG military council. Perhaps the answer lies in the political nature of the KCK trials. Nor is it irdianamesi assurance for the use of Kurdish by all persons coming before the courts.

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