Build a Magneto Magnetizer, Gingery, David J, ISBN Build a Magneto Magnetizer Many people collect and restore old engines and in the process discover that the old iron magnets in the magneto. How to Build a Magneto Magnetizer by David J. Gingery available in Pamphlet on , also read synopsis and reviews. Many people collect and.

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Then lay it on its side with its poles away from you and extending just beyond the far edges of the electromagnet poles. Then you have to wind two coils, built the rest of the electronics and make the conductors. After charging, the polarity can be verified by the use of a compass.

Charging a Wico EK magneto. Repeat the procedure for the second coil except mark the terminals ‘3’ and ‘4’ instead of ‘1’ and ‘2’. Try to keep the layers uniform with adjacent turns touching tightly.

Cut manila folder into a strip, wind and cement it to the core between insulating washers. Once the current has built to a maximum, the switch may be opened because a full charge has been delivered to the magneto magnets. One washer for each coil should be prepared with brass terminal screws as shown. Description The charger described here is designed to operate from a volt automotive battery, has a core area of seven square inches and provides 20, ampere turns of energy.

Build a Magneto Magnetizer – BritBike Forum

What Engine for Clutch Pulley? Great for engine restorers, science experimenters, or even as a science fair project. The north pole of the magneto charger can be verified by bringing the compass to about a foot from the charger pole while the current is switched on.

If you can not wind the coils yourself expect to pay big dollars to have someone wind them for you. Search eBay for motorcycle parts in following countries.


Build a Magneto Magnetizer / Imperfect

The ammeter is connected in series with the switch and mounted to the wood base attached to the hand truck. This article has drawings and instructions for making and using that charger. Gas Engine Magazine brings you: A second pair of diodes is necessary to prevent damage to the first set in the event the battery is connected backwards. The figures show optimal pole piece placement for charging most popular magnetos.

Tighten a nut and lock washer over each lug. If an ordinary switch is used, always check the ammeter to make sure the current has stopped flowing when magnetizre switch is opened. A spool may be formed by placing fiber or cardboard washers around each end of the magnet cores and then wrapping the magnet cores themselves with several layers of electricians tape.

It would be very helpful if there were some pictures of the construction and use of this magnet charger. The Square Deal Subscription Program is designed as a paperless transaction with automatic renewals at a preferred low rate. Because of this fact, when charging magnetos, remember the pole which you desire to be north should be placed at the south pole of the charger first jagneto the magnet magnstizer a compass to determine the north pole.

The current should build up to a maximum about 40 amps in about 3 ,agneto. This will insure winding direction and poles match those in the photos. Note the automobile battery for power and a compass for checking magneto polarity before charging.

Building a heavy duty magnet charger

The coils are now bolted to the base. Additional shaped pole pieces are useful for charging flywheels, rotors, etc. The cores of the electromagnet are made of soft bar steel one inch in diameter and three inches long.

Failure to observe this precaution will result in smoked diodes when the charger is powered up! Order a copy today.

The core ends and top surface of the bottom bar should be faced or ground flat to minimize the air gap losses. The magnets must never be left off the magneto even temporarily, without placing a steel bar across their poles to serve as a keeper. Chargers have been described in the following issues: Knife switch The choice of a knife switch has one big advantage.


These are epoxied to each pole piece. It is sufficient to saturate and charge most fully assembled magnetos used on antique engines. Print Thread Rate Thread. Unless this magnteizer done, they will lose their magnetism rapidly.

How to Build and Use a Magneto Magnet Charger

Blueprints for an Ironwood Engine. If a lathe or mill is not available, file and hand scrape the parts for a perfect fit at the joints. Sumner magneto from Watkins engine ready for charging.

If you have a source of scrap iron, machine shop facilities and can come up with some surplus magnet wire, the costs can magnetoo drastically reduced. Wico AX or PR with top cover removed-ready for charging. The keeper should remain in place until the magnet is reassembled on the magneto.

Arc suppressor diodes The purpose of arc suppressor diodes is to reduce the high voltage arc produced by the coils when the switch is opened. The main base is attached to the hand truck using the two pieces of steel angle cut from bed rails. Plus our Flywheel Forum column helps answer your engine inquiries! Check out British motorcycles for sale: Air is a poor conductor of magnetic flux and we want to put magnetic energy at the pole pieces rather than waste it in cracks and gaps due to poor fits.