Latest versions of Autronic Autotune & manual tune software. (requires x 32bit code support), All SM3, SM4, EVO9 & Subaru – ECUs, Download. Select Manufacturer “Autronic” Model “SM4”. Refer to Race Studio Configuration user manual for further information concerning the loggers configuration. Autronic SMC Manual ver 6. Software. PC hardware requirements. The calibration and data logging software supplied with Autronic SMC ECU may be used.

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The system can be used with a large fixed throttle opening, or in conjunction- with electro-mechanical throttle by-pass valve or a throttle “kicker” solenoid.

Sets the Boost control range and the boost setpoint gear selection. This is where the engine produce top power, and the fuelling is set very rich to avoid heat buildup and irregular combustion. Set the maximum rate at which the ignition timing is allowed to retard. Precise spark advance control strategies for both static and dynamic operating conditions. Press the Tab key to switch to the fuel table, move the curser so it is also on the same RPM and Load site as the ghost box.

Timing modes Timing range Resolution Accuracy. If not then manually edit the file until it fits the format.

Autronica SM4 Manual

All analysers have functions from Function 0 to Function You toggle between the two modes by pressing 4. Dwell can be setup based on engine rpm and up to 14 other Y axis parameters.

After firing the spark, the SM4 will wait a short period and then switch the coil on again, regaining much of the lost energy in ringing. For a dumb ignition module with falling spark edge, with 4ms coil charge time, the SM4 ignition output will look like the following waveform: NOTE, Some of these axis may be in sub menus. Set it up with the same Engine speed values on X-axis as the previous tables, and with sk4 Y-axis showing both auttronic lowest and the highest Boost setpoint pressures that we want to regulate.


Pattern bits are for each cylinder Beware of flames, electrical sparks etc. In this menu you will select the type of injectors you mannual be using from a very large list.

Finally a SM4 manual to download – Autronic MRM Forum

Does not use the idle ignition table. Now we have calibrated the Boost range and the Boost offset table so that the boost control valve gives us the boost pressure we want. The “L” and “K” keys switch between each tab. If neither gear ratio, nor input switches is used to uatronic between the three Boost setpoint tables, the SM4 defaults to use the Boost setpoint 1 table.

Crank/cam wiring question, SM4 – Autronic MRM Forum

Make large increases in table value. Ign modifier Ignition modifier can be applied to the following tables: For most engines this is the same as the number of cylinders. Eight cylinder engine with four double ended c Ignition Trigger Edge: Manual Tuning with the M maths Key on the keyboard This method is done by using the PC data logger to record the air fuel ratios.

Should you wish to tune this unit yourself, make sure you have some reliable means of determining if your engine is mannual to lean. Coolant temp Deg C 0. Igniters such as Bosch,which do not provide dwell Most standard igniters are dumb you must select -ve edge Dwell in Ignition Setup menu M1. CLC is used to correct air fuel ratios to maintain Stoichiometric air fuel ratio of This is used to tell the software whether the engine has been tuned before or if it is a brand new calibration.


Minimum output pulse time.

This is a good setup for an engine that has an active rpm range of up to about rpm, and with a rev limit at about rpm. Used to reduce boost pressure in relation to other variables. The boost offset table are used to correct this. Tools and Material that you will need Installation of this SM4 system can be easily carried out by professional mechanics and most experienced home mechanics if the following tools and components are available: Start with setting all the cells to zero, as done in Fel!

This calibration uses the same engine coolant temperature calibration sites as chosen for the warm-up enrichment calibration table above.

FileCal Menu Open cal file Open a previously saved calibration. Boost setpoint table switches If both switches are off, the Boost setpoint 1 table is selected. Lower engine speeds means that the air will be effected by the water temperature in the manifold.

It is important that these settings are selected properly, so be sure to consult your dealer for proper settings based on your engine configuration. If battery voltage drops to Consult your dealer for proper values. Dumb Ignition Modules The Dumb ignition module requires the SM4 to perform the dwell control or charge time of the ignition coil. You will be prompted with “overwrite existing calibration” when doing this.