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The main reasons for starting Times of Oman were to publicise Oman abroad and to address non-Omanis in the country.

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almassaw Five out of the nine daily newspapers are in Arabic and four are in English. These are average issue readership which in itself includes another five subcategories, reach or the circulation audience, frequency, the Startch method, readers per copy and eye tracking.

The differences between the mean scores of the three income categories are statistically significant. Respondents were asked to name their most read and favourite newspaper.

Amongst 10 different mass and personal media, expatriates expose themselves to TV, books, friends, newspapers and use fixed and mobile phones more than other media. The most important motives for reading newspapers were to get information and learn new things, especially about female issues and entertainment.

Internet censorship in Morocco.

Alnajah died inbut a number of publications followed, including Alfalaq dawn inAlmurshid the guide in and Alnahdha renaissance in Op cit: He used a stratified sample of students and employees selected from schools and public and private institutions.

It also covers dailies and free weekly publications while previous studies focused only on one or the other. Newspapers design and layout refers to colors, fonts, spaces and arrangements and presentation of the editorial and non-editorial content in the pages of the newspaper.


Technological almasxae have helped newspapers with their design, layout and presentations. In this study, the operational definition of design and layout covers seven areas that attest to the appearance and presentation of the content in any given newspaper.

Therefore, choosing Muscat as a venue for conducting this study, is cost and time effective in finding a representative sample with Omanis, non-Omanis, Arabs, non-Arabs, students, employees and other demographic characteristics.

According to the World Association of Newspapersthe number of newspaper titles rose by lamassae. The significance of this study stems from the fact that it is the first study in Oman that uses Omani and non-Omani subjects.

Readers’ might develop an image about a newspaper as a result of a direct experience but they might also rely on stereotypes and indirect experiences.

Most Read Forms of Journalistic Writing.

The remaining free tabloids try to provide jurnal editorial content but most of their pages, especially Futoonare occupied by advertisements. In contrast, the shares of newspapers for the same years were 25, 23 and 22 percent. The differences between Oman and Alwatan in this respect are marginal. One can simply define readership as the number of readers of a specific publication.

Therefore, it is important to examine the role these variables play in the current study. Non-Omanis account for However, readers’ image of Omani newspapers was examined through the subjects’ responses to six professional values and characteristics; censorship, credibility, responsibility, sensationalism, audacity and timeliness.

Hard news, whether international, regional or local, was the most read item followed by soft news, sport, religious and scientific topics.

Chiffres – OJD Maroc

List of newspapers in Africa. The distribution process started in Moreover, sinceseveral free and paid newspaper titles have emerged, but there is little information available about the characteristics of their readers and their reading habits. This study was not intended to provide a conclusive account of readership of all print media in Oman.

On the other hand, Oman was singled out as the most censored newspaper. The most important reasons for not reading newspapers were the availability of other media sources, hate almasase reading almasssae not finding newspapers as interesting, respectively. The total mean scores of these topics are higher than others. The English version was mainly targeted at non-Arabic speaking subjects.


Moreover, all of the paid and apmassae newspapers in Oman are printed and published in Muscat. Retrieved 9 October Views Read Edit View history.

The analyses indicated that gender, age, education and income were strong predictors of the time spent on reading newspapers in almawsae European countries. And are there differences between readers in this regard based on age, gender, education, ethnic group, income and employment status?

The study used a proportional multi-stage sample totaling 2, aged 15 years and above. Alshabiba is also a general daily newspaper with a focus on sport.

جريدة المساء المغربية – Al Massae

Al-Shaqsi conducted a survey study on university students in Oman investigating mainly their uses of mobile phones. Retrieved 18 January Some newspapers in Omanespecially the new private ones that are not part of an existing cartel are also vulnerable, Azzaman is an example. In terms of layout, design, appearance and presentation of Omani newspapers, the overall result indicated that respondents were to a greater extent satisfied with the look of their favourite newspapers.

Alwatan elicited more jurnal attitudes about its content and design from its dedicated readers than did Oman. Global advertising revenue made by the internet during the yearsand accounted for 10, 12 and 14 percent, respectively.

According to the World Association of Newspapers 3 Augustthe Middle East is the only region where newspaper advertising revenue remained stable.