The Fender 25W Frontman 25R Guitar Combo has dual selectable channels” Normal and Drive”auxiliary input for CD or drum machine use, a headphone jack . The Frontman 25R ups the ante in practice amps with 25 watts and a 10″ speaker . Overall this amp is louder than the average practice amp but it still retains the. See reviews and prices for the Fender Frontman 25R, as used by Steve Lacy, joaquin aguiar and others.

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So it is a louder amp overall. At the moment I cant think about the thing which I dont like about this super unit. They are warm sounding and easy on the eyes too. Thanks to sweet bargains for Fender Frontman 25R guitar amplifiers on eBay, you can solve the problem of sorely lacking the music equipment you need. It doesn’t have that many control knobs to get in the way.

Well he went to Australia and mailed me that a good practise amp is Fender Frontman 25 R. I recommend this amp to anyone that is a beginner, broke, or just needs a light, substantial, and portable amp for practice.

This little guy has 25 watts of power, whereas the comparable L6 amp has just The fender sound at a cheap price. A layer of paper from the gasket stuck to the baffle when Write a user review. These amps doesn’t sound very good and not really intended to be killer tone machines either. I do not recommend this amp to anyone. For the dirty channel any less than a humbucker style guitar will just sound like trash.


It is even an acceptable giging front,an if your band has a substantial PA to mic through. If you want portable and powerful you’ll find it in this amp. I have been playing around with ir for about a week and get a good variety of sounds out of it with my strat, by playing with all of the knobs and buttons.

Fender Frontman 25R

They sound decent, but there’s not nearly as much variety, so there’s not as much to keep today’s ADHD generation kids entertained. Even though the price is very low the sound from this thing just doesn’t make you want to play the guitar for hours.

Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. The reverb sounds good and the amp itself seems very solid and well-built. I’ve tested it and everything works as it should. If Fender the kings of clean tone didn’t make it sound good on the clean then thy would have a big problem. The Line 6 amps at this price range have 4 channels, so a wider variety of sounds can fronrman used.

Frontman 25R Review | Fender | Guitar Amplifiers | Reviews @

The reverb sound fantastic, but the drive lacks a slight amount of tone. A great amp for rehearsal and garage playing with enough volume to satisfy most non professionals however probably would not be enough amp to please younger guys looking to rip and pound their way through a Metallica riff. As a beginner amp, it does its job. I’ve been an active gig-playing musician for over 48 years.

The bottom line is this; It has the dynamics you would expect from a Fender and ample power for home practice use and possibly small rehearsal spaces and coffee house-type frntman. Provides almost 52r same amount of gain and distortion of the boss metal zone 2 pedal. This amp is great for my purposes learning the frnotman string electric If you’re looking for something to make your neighbors ears bleed, keep looking, but if you’re looking for something to jam around the house or mic through a PA at a gig and dont havve hundreds of dollars to spend this could be the amp for you.


Can be seen in the music video as well as being used [here] https: Well, ah, it’s little, BUT, a grontman and powerfull Ampl, and the effects are very good, the drive and the reverb is awesome to creat clean riffs.

It’s a small solid-state practice amp, so it sounds like a small solid-state practice amp. This is a very versatile little amp, that is unquestionably Fender in sound and build. It has a single speaker of 16 inches which sounds great with reverb.

Fender Frontman 25R Reviews & Prices | Equipboard®

See each listing for international shipping options and costs. If you want something that sounds good good with the Peavey Viper or the Roland Cube. This amp isn’t nearly as versatile as a comparable Line 6, so I can’t recommend it. Very clean, but too many effects will distort the signal heavily, which would not make it an ideal amp for gigs that require a more specialised sound.