DEMOLAY RITUAL BOOK PDF – Ritual of Secret Work of the Order of DeMolay on *FREE* shipping on qualifying. DeMolay, but not be. DeMolay, but not be overwhelmed with the large age differences and ritual work . Junior Squire moves directly to the Round Table and places the book in the. Get this from a library! Ritual degrees and ceremonials of the Order of Demolay.. [ DeMolay (Organization). International Supreme Council.].

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The accused has been subjected to the will of the torturer. The striking of the gong should be timed so that the first stroke is heard as soon as the first candidate enters and the last stroke is heard as close as possible to the entry of the last candidate, without destroying the solemn pace of the strokes.

Preceptor says first full sentence of his speech, places jewel in the Crown of Youth, continues speech to completion. If hoodwinks are used, the candidates should be instructed that someone will walk with them and that their right hand is to be placed on the shoulder of the candidate in front of them; further, they should be instructed in the manner in which the obligation will be administered.

An Officer directed to move X Z, moves directly forward from his station to the walking band, except The Councelors, Scribe and Treasurer will move by the most direct route to walking band, but around the pedestals or desks in their paths.

He addresses candidates so that he may be heard distinctly by them and by all in the Chapter room.

Except when this Ritual expressly requires o t herwise, when a gavel is rapped once, all Officers standing at stations and all others standing will go to appropriate seats and sit down; when rapped twice, all Officers sitting ritjal stand; when rapped three times, all persons sitting will stand.

Do you declare upon your honor that you will obey and uphold the laws of your city, state and country, and the Bylaws, Rules and Regulations of DeMolay International, and any Chapter of the Order of DeMolay of which you may become a member? Do you desire to dedicate yourselves to these gitual of good sonship and good citizenship? Movements of Chaplain and Marshal from their stations by way of the South to the West side of the Altar would be noted thus: Mar takes one further step North.


Brother Master Councilor, the Sentinel is on guard and we are safe from interruption. Tyranny teaches the need of toleration. You were admitted as friends when you expressed your approval of our purposes. Thou art charged with living in wealth while the poor have starved.

Thou must know how vital it is to our safely that thine Order should be rooted up and destroyed. The scenery or monument is removed. You must approach the door of our Chapter in a serious frame of mind realizing that the solemn purpose of all our ceremonies is demolat impress upon your minds great truths of right living to aid you in deserving the good opinion of all right-thinking men.

Thou art charged with hypocrisy and treachery in conducting the crusades in the Holy Land. All DeMolays, Chapters, and Advisors are reminded that a full officer corps is the best and proper manner in which to confer all degrees and present all Ritual work of the Order.

Boo, Thou help us to lead upright and patriotic lives worthy of the devotion of all who have labored for our beloved country in every field of sacrifice and service. Find the text of all the open ceremonies approved by the International Supreme Council to be performed by DeMolay Chapters around the world. They are in Bpok format some are in PDFtherefore readable by any system.

They do not kneel at this point Orator leaves Triangle, goes to monument, faces West. If extra Inquisitors are added, seats must be provided for the other members of the Commission at each side of the speaking Inquisitors. The Chapter Advisor rises and repeats pledge with visitors.

An Officer di r ected to move X Z moves directly forward from his station to the walking band, except: Master Inquisitor, thou hadst thine answer ere thou didst conclude thy first infamous and impious words.


The Chapter Advisor rises and repeats pledge with visitors. Let us pause a moment in our deliberations while the Chaplain offers a prayer. Lights should be extinguished, leaving only candles demolayy and Altar spot, if any, on full Officers except Stewards begin moving to form Shield as shown on Diagrams Seven and Eight.

At the inner door, inside the Chapter demolay ritual book. The Orator goes to the Altar and places the urn on it but not on the Bible. I place in the Crown of Youth the jewel of comradeship. The great aim of our Order is to teach and practice the virtues of clean, upright, patriotic and reverent living as the best preparation for the manhood we are approaching. Thy threats are vain. I place the school books on our Altar as a symbol of intellectual liberty and to remind us that the public rituao are the foundation of our country ‘ s greatness.


Any Active DeMolay may perform the part of Master Councilor in an initiation, the part does not necessarily have to be performed by the regularly installed Master Councilor.

A diagonal is placed at suggested points for pausing but M.

You were greeted as Brothers when you bound yourselves to us by the solemn vows you have taken. May we draw from cruelty the lesson of kindness; may avarice teach us generosity; treachery and betrayal, fidelity, Great son of France, farewell! We are earnestly striving to be better sons, better Brothers and better friends, that when we reach the years of manhood we may be better men.

Our Order is pledged to the relief of need and our wealth was ever held at its call until it was wrested from us by an avaricious King. An Active DeMolay kneels on his left knee, his right elbow resting on his right knee, his forehead resting in his right hand as shown, his left hand around his right elbow. As Mar and Ch. When a person dekolay to be recognized by t he Master Councilor, he should rise, face the Master Councilor, and remain silent until he is recognized.

These documents brandishing them teem with evidence to support these charges.

DeMolay – Initiatory

Sir Junior Inquisitor, your mandate has been obeyed. There is none to whom thou canst appeal for aid. Brother Senior Councilor, why do you sit in the West?

Stewards do not move into Shield positions until after candidates have been assisted to kneel at instruction from M.