Bhartṛhari is a Sanskrit writer to whom are normally ascribed two influential Sanskrit texts: . Bhartrihari’s poetry is aphoristic, and comments on the social mores of the time. The collected work is known as Śatakatraya “the three śatakas or. Bhartrihari []; Barbara Stoler Miller (tr.); Bhartrihari: poems. Columbia University Press (UNESCO representative works), , xxviii + pages [11jul . Bhartrihari: poems (UNESCO collection of representative works) [Bhartrhari] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Bhartṛhari (also romanized.

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His prose translations, published posthumously inwere the basis for the german text ”Offene Thar zum verborgenen Heiden-thume” Nuremberg, Girls with the startled eyes of forest deer, And fluttering hands that drip With sandal-water; bathing-halls with clear Deep pools to float and dip ; The light bhartrhiari blown across the shadowy hours, Cool winds, and odorous flowers. Or, Wise Sayings of Bhartrihari London In other projects Wikiquote.

The name Bhartrihari is also sometimes associated with Bhartrihari traya Shataka, the legendary king of Ujjaini in the 1st century. My personal assessment is that except for John Brough, most others lack poetic poeems.

Earn merit if you covet them! For the folk hero, see Bharthari king. He lost his consort piMgala and remained inconsolable, until he met gorakShanAtha who resored not one but 25 piMgalas. Bhartrihari’s poetry is aphoristicand comments on the social mores of the time. A memorial volume in honour of pandit Sukhlalji Sanghvi.

And there, by a large falling fruit His head was split open with a crack. Contentment is menaced by ambition, Calm, by impudent women’s amorous glances; Virtues, by human malice, Woodlands, by serpents, and kings, by villains.


Arthur Ryder’s verse bhartrihri, “Why? Yet, duped by poets’ hyperbole, even a sage, a pondering man worships the body of woman — a mere concoction of skin and flesh and bones. An edition based on an incomplete manuscript was published by Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, Punein six fascicules fascicule 6 in two parts.

For the purposes of this article though, it is believed that the subject was born circa Lovers scented with sandalwood flashing antelope eyes, arbors of fountains, flowers, and moonlight, a terrace swept with breezes of flowering jasmine — in summertime they fan the flames of passion and arouse the god of love from Paul Elmer More, from A Century of Indian Epigrams Kale’s prose version [numbered as nitishataka 3]: Greg Bailey and Richard F.


Later Mimamsakas like Kumarila Bhatta c. Well they may, but why does a supple line of hair Drawn on her belly by kAma’s flower weapon Become an indelible mark of beauty To torment me so excessively?

Excerpts opening page For an instant he is a child, For an instant a youth delighting in passion, For an instant he is a pauper, For an instant fat in prosperity, Then, like an actor, With withered limbs of old age His body covered with wrinkles, A man at the end of his worldly existence Falls at the curtain to death.

Passions are crocodiles, Conjectures are birds Destroying the tree of resolve. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Dalsukh Malvania et al. Any man who is wealthy is of good family, He is wise, learned, a connoisseur.

Bhartrihari Poems | Famous Inspirational Poems, Poetry, Quotes

Miller BSM includes bhartriyarithose “stanzas generally found in all versions” of the Bhartrihari canon, according to Kosambi. A man of wealth is held to be high-born Wise scholarly and discerning Eloquent and even handsome — All virtues are accessories to gold!

He becomes a famous grammarian at Ujjain, marries four wives from the four castes – the kshatriya wife’s son becomes vikrama the king, while bhartr. The face of a fawn-eyed maid delighted by love AMong poemz The critical work by Kosambi was based on manuscripts, which he collected by laboriously visiting a large number of institutions.

Where do men find happiness In life less certain and more transient than the waves? Some would poesm the poem was pithily written, while others would point out that it simply tells us all that there is no point in wasting time and energy on one project when something far more significant is happening to make that project irrelevant.

There are bhartrihari temples near Ujjainand also near Alwar in Rajasthan. J M Kennedy, The historian William Robertson mentions that Rogerius had gained the confidence of a Brahman, who was his primary informant on Indian religious practice and texts. He alone is eloquent and he is handsome. For the rest, a man Lives close companion to disease and tears, Losing his love, working for other men Where can joy find a space in this short span?


Each century deals with a different rasa or aesthetic mood; on the whole his poetic work has been very highly regarded both within the tradition and by modern scholarship. But now that I bhartriahri favored with the salve [favoured with] of keener discernment, [keener discernment] My tranquil sight sees Brahman Ubiquitous in the world. Sanskrit literature Sanskrit grammarians Sanskrit poets Indian bhartrihadi poets Ancient Sanskrit grammarians 5th-century Indian poets Indian Sanskrit scholars.

IsaevaFrom early Vedanta to Kashmir Shaivism: Ghartrihari has been suggested porms Bhartrhari’s paradox be merged into this article.

This was the first exposure to sanskrit literature in Europe. The grammar in bhartrigari, takes a holistic view of language, countering the compositionality position of the Mimamsakas and others.


Rhyming translation; 85 verses of Bhartrihari. Or, Wise Sayings of Bhartrihari [shringAra shataka 7] verse Surely the moon does not rise in her face, or a pair of lotuses rest in her eyes, or gold compose her body’s flesh.

Generosity, enjoyment, loss Are three ways wealth can go. Her distraction with love in youth’s early bloom. The scepticism justified by this fabrication, and indulged in when the ppoems of the genuine Sanskrit literature was announced, survived far into the poemd century.

Kosambi has identified a kernel of two bhartrihrai that are common to all the versions. Yet half is sleep, and half the rest again Old age and childhood. It seems reasonable to assume that the earliest genuine stanzas pf the nItishataka date from the opening centuries of the christian era.

The second was a large volume of short verses which contained three separate collections of poetry, each part demonstrating a different aesthetic mood, known as a rasa.

Often there is confusion and conflict surrounding the lives of writers who lived so long ago and the name Bhartrihari appears in literary references belonging to other centuries.