GW just gave us our second preview of Codex: Astra Militarum. The new codex will feature rules for 8 regiments. Regimental Doctrines will. I have a Baneblade that is magnetized to do all 8 variants and I am having trouble picking one now that they all have received a nice buff. SUBREDDIT RULES. Be respectful to one another, and back up your arguments with data. Be constructive with your criticism, explain the “why”.

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New rules whats your new favorite Baneblade Variant? – Forum – DakkaDakka

Granted, I doubt Bameblade are going to survive long after the charge, but with a move of 10 they can withdraw and probably charge again. Bnaeblade its Searchlight the tank is packed with auspex gear, such as seismic sensors, [4g] with a multitude of augur lenses ringing the tank’s outer hull.

Note that it does 2dmg, which makes it at least somewhat more interesting as a choice. It was the vets with meltas who always baneb,ade up on some far-flung corner all by themselves. It is a really pimped out variant that boasts additional armour plating on all sides in fluff, no effect on the tabletopextended command and control functions where it has the “Command Tank” upgrade, which doesn’t apply to anything in 30kunless you assume it takes the 30k “Super-Heavy Command Tank” upgrade which allows allied infantry within 24″ to reroll Morale checksa banwblade transport capacity with added rear access point, an even more enhanced Volcano Cannon again, nothing changes in crunch and a Titan grade Void Shield.

But I am biased due to Dawn of War, it is by far the coolest relic unit in that game. Not super familiar with AM stuff. You’ve got lots of guns.


Seriously, try and do a parallel parking with this monster when trying to aim at some scrubs hiding behind a concrete wall. June 13, 8: I like having price numbers near the profiles. May 31, 5: Please join us in the Warhammer community Discord by clicking here. Either you kill them first, or they kill you. They can’t charge on the same turn, but they could do some damage to backfield units in the meantime.

Note that you can mix and match as you see fit: The wyvern remains a beast! Neh, that must be Vance Stubbs missing Baneblades. Vote Up -1 Vote Down. You see when you look over their points costs it says wargear included!! Cheap as the cheapest variant, and so can take sponsons just as readily to increase it’s firepower. Personally I have always enjoyed them with 3 flamers BS is irrelevant or 3 Demo Charges which will now not scatter back onto them hilariously and kill them all.


Krak missiles, lascannons, and multi-meltas also only give you one shot. Toughness 5 is now very good, but three wounds looks less impressive than it would have in the past. Blah-blah-blah, you get the rulea I’m sure. Hey author I think you have made a critical error when costing most of the special characters. These massive machines often serve as the command vehicles for entire regiments or spearhead armoured attacks, organized into their own super-heavy companies.

rrules I play Dark Ruoes and competitively will run two hellblasters squads and possibly a lascannon squad. Was thinking of going all in with multi meltas and lascannnon so he can potentially one shot most modells in the game although close to pts! This is reliant however on that baneblade being able to whether the fire, if it can’t then the russes are better. The Baneblade’s tertiary weapons consist of hull-mounted twin-linked heavy bolterswhich can be fired by the driver when necessary, and two side sponsons, each one with a twin-linked heavy bolter and a lascannon.

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The bonus of adding 1 when firing at Flying units is balanced by a negative 1 when firing at units without the rule.

Variations on this standard include some Baneblades with a second set of side sponsons, while others may have them removed in place of even more side armour baneboade. Command squads as elite? There are currently ten official variants, with the names being a nightmarish jumble of “Bane,” “Sword,” “Storm,” “Shadow,” “Blade” and “Hammer” to the point it’s difficult remembering which is which.

Full tracking of what you have read so you can skip to your first unread post, easily see what has changed since you last logged in, and easily see what is new at baneblde glance.

Some Hellhammers will replace the side sponsons with extra armour or even add two additional side sponsons, each armed with a Lascannon and twin-linked Heavy Flamers.

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The Doomhammer was first designed as a field conversion of a Banehammer tank during the year-long siege of the Renegade Forge World of Odana. The three remaining titanic Tanks in this list all have something special in common: Ok… So how baneblaxe we build and organize platoons in the company?

June 9, 9: Now i am full of questions!

The Banehammer is really good. It’s gonna murdify light infantry.

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