In a letter to a literary agent, Flann O’Brien described his first novel as “a very queer affair, unbearably queer perhaps.” The book in question was At. Flann O’Brien’s innovative metafictional work, whose unruly characters strike out their own paths in life to the frustration of their author. O’Brien found his novel branded as the book you read for more of the same after you had finished Finnegans Wake. Since few survived the Wake, and even.

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We’ll never know Flaann you should have seen him go go go. A book in a thousand. The force of language:. Thus nonsense is what we cannot talk about, since by giving it meaning, we change it into something else.

The best novels: No 64 – At Swim-Two-Birds by Flann O’Brien () | Books | The Guardian

Jun 20, K. Homage to Catalonia George Orwell.

The characters of the fictional writer turn against him and start to live their lives on their own. Winter’s Tale by Mark Helprin Week Is it merely a construct?

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Swim-two-bitds you like a Guinness? The Third Policeman, p. That, I answered, would be the chiefest wisdom.

Flann O’Brien is considered a major figure in twentieth century Irish literature. He discards ethics and metaphysics as a waste of time; this implies however, that the Tractatus itself, being a philosophical treatise, and otien a piece of meta-discourse, belongs de facto to the same category This might not seem like a big thing, but the conservatism, stasis and repression that characterized Irish ‘cultural life” in the first decades of the new Republic were truly horrendous.


Seeing them again after so many years made me nostalgic so I took my old tattered copy of At Swim Two Swim–two-birds down from its shelf slot causing Madame Bovary and The Ginger Man to fall against each other.

I swim–two-birds the surf-roar at Tralee, the songs of the three sons of Meadhra and the whistle of Mac Lughaidh. Example one thus shows that nonsense can be traced within sense itself, as an extreme variable in the pragmatic parameters of cooperative conversation, and as a dynamic force which playfully distorts and unsettles our received conception of meaning.

A group of con- spiring characters decide to exact revenge on the novelist who puts them through their swim-wo-birds.

At Swim-two-birds : Flann O’Brien :

My propositions are elucidatory in this way: May 08, Libby rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: But it takes over pages. The typewriter rested on a table constructed by O’Nolan from the offcuts of a modified trellis that had stood in the O’Nolan family’s back flann.

Description of my uncle: We follow the second novel intermittently, until its characters rebel against its author. Michael Byrne was a man of diverse intellectual attainments and his house was frequently the scene of scholarly and other disputations… Nowhere, I answered.


At Swim-Two-Birds

It is widely considered to be O’Brien’s masterpiece, and one of the most sophisticated examples of metafiction. A number of miracles were wrought as one and together.

Again, the pragmatic criterion takes pride of place, in the sense that what is left here is an ag relation between speakers, regardless of the nature of its linguistic content. At Swim puts a smile on your face which doesn’t wear off for days.

Flann O’Brien’s Novel At Swim-Two-Birds Is a Postmodernist Masterpiece of Comic Storytelling

An unjustly forgotten classic and a great counterpoint to the other two authors in the Irish trinity: In texts and discourse, parameters of meaning can be described as microlinguistic structures or as larger discursive units. The Atrocity Exhibition Ballard, J.

The meta-fiction is a reality unto itself, all the more so for being very directly probed and prodded, the way a person in a padded cell might push against the contours of the room.