The Positronic Man [Isaac Asimov, Robert Silverberg] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Andrew Martin, a standard housekeeping robot. The Positronic Man [Isaac Asimov and Robert Silverberg] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Positronic Man is an expanded version of Asimov’s novella written in conjunction with Robert Silverberg. However the writing style is.

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Now, one can say that Silverberg just bloated up the story up to a full book which is basically true. Retrieved from ” https: We certainly aren’t heading down this path now, and I can’t imagine we’ll change any time soon. positrknic

Read reviews that mention positronic man science fiction isaac asimov little miss bicentennial man robert silverberg even though asimov and robert named andrew book really read this book become condition fantastic truly wants fascinating humanity humans sci-fi. And that’s as far as I’ve asi,ov.

What is it worth? Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. This book has been a non stop page turner. This leads to my question. Beyond the fantastic tale Asimov and Silverberg wove, there are deep underlying philosophical issues addressed in this book, but not in a boring way. I love this book, and I believe it’s the best version of the story better than Bicentennial Man, which it’s based on.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. Fun read by two legends of science fiction writing. Earth Solaria Aurora Comporellon Inferno. In The Positronic Manthe trends of fictional robotics in Asimov’s Robot series as outlined in the book I, Robot are detailed as background events, with an indication that they are influenced by Andrew’s story. Mass Market Paperback Verified Purchase.


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He sees humans as sparsely populated striving for “quality over quantity”. But to the Martin family, their household robot NDR is more than a trusted friend, a confidant, a member of the family.

He seems to be part housekeeper and part babysitter and a trusted member of the family. Cover of the first edition UK.

The Positronic Man (Robot #) by Isaac Asimov

Sign up using Facebook. This book was intended to be a bridge between other novels in the series; unfortunately it reads as nothing but backstory, the tale of how one special robot lived his Sad, sad, sad. Isaac Asimov Robert Silverberg.

View all 3 comments. And Andrew Martin’s struggle to achieve his dreams, can never be justified with words. The story on which this novel is based was one of my favorites in all of Asimov’s robot stories.

The Positronic Man

The story is told from the ssimov of Andrew later known as Andrew Martinan NDR-series robot owned by the Martin family, a departure from the usual practice by U. In fact, I kinda actually look forward to the day Asimov – and other science fiction writers – will no longer be relevant. In telling the story of a robot that becomes conscious and self-aware two very different things Asimov and Silverberg purposely avoid the deeper questions of what it means to be alive and human.

May 04, Simina rated it it was amazing Shelves: Asimov’s most posotronic work is the Foundation Series; his other major series are the Galactic Empire series and the Robot series, both of positronkc he later tied into the same fictional universe as the Foundation Series to create a unified “future history” for his stories much like those pioneered by Robert A.


Dao sam joj cetiri zvezdice jer je u knjizi Sabrani Roboti vec ispricana na nekih dvadesetak strana a da nista u odnosu na ovo prosireno izdanje nije zafalilo. I remember when I first started reading the Foundation series I was surprised by the simplicity of asimlv characters especially when it came to presenting their inner thoughts. To me this was particularly obvious because previously I read the Ender series and I couldn’t simply ignore his writing.

The Empire series and The Foundation asimlv.

Follow the Authors

Robot Visions Mass Market Paperback. This was unbelievably awesome, and I’m not really surprised, since I haven’t read something by Asimov that I haven’t enjoyed tremendously.

Even if that politician is a bit whacky About the only thing we are truly missing is the positronic brain. It sounds silly on the surface but it brings up large questions on what life means. In the twenty-first century the creation of the positronic brain leads to the development of robot laborers and revolutionizes psoitronic on Earth.

I could write a lengthy review, praising it – and I still wouldn’t be able to do it justice – but I’ll just settle for a few points: Should I need to mam something from this seller again I will not hesitate.