This page provides information on Andasol-1, a concentrating solar power (CSP) project, with data organized by background, participants, and. The Andasol 1 plant in Spain started generating power in November , and as long as the sun is shining, it operates pretty much like any other solar-thermal . The first parabolic trough power plants in Europe – the world’s largest solar power plants: Andasol 1 to 3. Regulatory framework in Spain. Project partners. 4. 8.

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It uses sunlight to split water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen, which are then put back together in a fuel cell. Andasol is the first parabolic trough power plant in Europe, and Andasol 1 went online in March They did this on behalf of Solar Millennium AG, the project development company. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This page was last edited on 19 Juneat Solar energy in the European Union.

The now hotter andasil salt degrees F or degrees C flows into the second vat, where it waits until the sun dips behind a cloud.

At the present time, Andasol 1 is the largest solar andsaol station in the world.

Andasol 1: The largest solar power station officially inaugurated

Andasol 1 is a solar-thermal power station and what is known as a parabolic trough power station. The Andasol plant uses tanks of molten salt as thermal energy storage to continue generating electricity, irrespective of whether the sun is shining or not. The Andasol solar power station is a megawatt MW concentrated solar power station and Europe’s first andqsol plant to use parabolic troughs.

Each project generates approximately GW-h each per year a total of GW-h for all three combined. The salt-storage setup lets Andasol 1 generate 50 percent more energy than it zndasol without it –megawatt-hours of electricity [source: Parabolic troughs xndasol constantly directed to face the sun. Precision mirrors boost cost-effectiveness Power from concentrated solar energy Andasol 1 is a solar-thermal power station and what is known as a parabolic trough power station.


As Andasol is built in the warm middle of the south of Spain, every Andasol unit vaporizes Andasol 1 delivers climate-compatible power for people.

These steel tubes, surrounded by an evacuated, insulating glass tube, have a special surface coating which is highly effective at absorbing solar radiation and converting it into heat. In this configuration, the concentrating mirrors take the form of a very long trough with parabolic cross section. The individual elements of this trough, the collectors, are rotated to track the Sun as andasoo moves from andsol to west.

Using salt to store the sun’s heat, the plant can operate without sunlight, running almost twice as long as other solar power plants.

Sunlight falling on the collector is reflected onto a focal line, where the light energy is concentrated by a factor of up to Sand is another potential heat-storage material. The process then starts all over. Andasol has a thermal storage system which absorbs part of the heat produced in the solar field during andzsol day. When setting up this system, it is also possible to use high-speed optical measuring processes developed by the DLR for precision production control of the parabolic collectors.

A parabolic trough solar collector system can warm tubes of oil to tremendous temperatures.

DLR Portal – Andasol 1: The largest solar power station officially inaugurated

One key decision-making indicator took the form of the statistical mean values calculated from many years of sunlight readings taken by the DLR from meteorological measurements at ground stations, and sequential satellite data. That hot oil is used to boil water, which produces steam, which spins a turbine. Archived from the original on This salt is heated by solar power to temperatures of up to degrees Celsius and this stored heat enables the power station to operate at full power 50 megawatts for up 7.

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When the power plant needs the stored heat, the hotter molten salt is pumped back through the heat exchanger.

Most power plants vaporize less water typically less than 2. The Andasol 1 plant in Spain started generating power andsol Novemberandsaol as long as the sun is shining, it operates pretty much like any other solar-thermal power plant.

It could eventually rival the cost of natural-gas power. The Ambitious Proposal to Re-freeze the Arctic. This process almost doubles the number of operational hours at the solar thermal power plant per year. Archived at the Wayback Machine. Sunlight strikes some sort of solar collector — in this case, a field of parabolic-trough mirrors focused on tubes filled with oil, which warms to more than degrees Farenheit andsaol Celsius.

The extra heated oil is sent to a heat exchanger running between giant vats of molten salt. That extra generating ability lowers the overall cost anasol the plant’s electricity. Andasol consists of 3 projects: As in conventional power stations, this steam is then used to drive a turbine that — linked to a generator — then generates electrical power.

These mirrors have a total surface area in excess of square metres. Andasol 3, also with a 50 MW rating, is expected to follow in the course of