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Under these circumstances, we elaborated a research design for content analysis over the communication processes of the Facebook student group, during the winter semester fioka their 1st year of study.

Social network sites or smart phones are just some of the examples in this regard. His research interests include the study of science in popular culture, communication science and public relations; he has a special interest in the new goals and strategies of the popularization of physics and astronomy.

Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, pp.

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But, maybe because of their too journalistic style, those positions could not be used for a systematic debate of this topic. Translator as a Medium in Intercultural Communication. Williams, Frederick, Ronald E. It is quite unusual to try to be full social and professional integrated, to have a successful career and not having an e-mail address q at least a mobile phone.

Usually they are joined in a single concept, although individual occurrences of the term may focus on one or the other aspect. This model should be acknowledged not canonized as a fiolaa, legitimate alternative of rhetorical manifestation. A particular case in which the poor quality of public communication regarding the political discourse of the Romanian politicians is represented by electoral campaigns.

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Because of the media development, there was an increasing need for employees in communication areas. The idea of the necessity of science popularization supported by public communication became more and more present, and science communication was the focus, being rethought in order to achieve new objectives.

Thus, in the virtual social space the only un-real fictive component is the physical closeness.

In he published Wittgenstein and the private language. A closer work with the economy and the community is needed. She teaches theory cincew communication, semiotics, and non-verbal communication. More often than not, their messages have no identifiable sources; they do not discriminate between fact and fiction, between information and opinion.


This particular situation applied not only to Romania, but to the vast majority of the Eastern European countries, were a young generation of journalists with little. Romanian media, television channels in particular, understood quickly diola setting as a process that allowed them to present certain issues as essential to the public sphere.

This study follows some cincda the essential coordinates of the public communication deontology and of the professional communication within the public space and it underlines, by contrast, the slippages from the requirements of an authentic and professional public communication, evident in instances of Romanian contemporary political discourse. The imagistic material it managed to make available for the researchers was the basis of some of the centenary discoveries in astronomy.

Soon Romanian reporters, correspondents and producers realized that issues the media focused on became matters as important for the public, too. For the Austrian thinker the task of philosophy is therapeutical, that is to show the conceptual confussions we make when we communicate: He analyzed more than successful companies in search for good practices. Ckncea This study is published as part of the PhD research programme funded by the European Union through the project Excellence and Interdisciplinarity in PhD Studies for an Informational Society project code: Thus, while in the central media, financial motivation is very strong due to advertising, sponsors and investments, in the local or regional media, the budget is limited.

The bigger the structure they were working for, the better their professional qualification was, by attending specific academic programs or professional trainings. The heroic conception is seen in all the cultural products created within this project. He attends regularly national and international meetings and conferences dedicated to these two topics.

The fact that the technologic instrument of discoveries — and not the scientist — holds the title of hero in the case of the campaign led by research institutes, is explained by the impersonal character of any institution, which cannot be symbolized through its celebrities, even if they are scientists. We can clearly observe that the 9 students involved in the very consistent communication are coming from various nuclei of the main group. If PR professionals do not work quickly, the initiative of communication is taken by others e.

Their accessibility and their power of penetration into every group or community, of broadcasting the most interesting messages has been an accomplishment never dreamt of before even by the most imaginative sci-fi writers. Another important consideration for using kairos involves the specific arguments that are currently circulating about a particular issue.


The emergence of social networks It is hard to tell, nowadays, whether journalistic production is developing faster than ever, since a standard rhythm of change does not exist for the rather short journey of journalism compared to the long human experience through time. Eventually if the Western rethoric by argumentation and persuasion establishes a competitional model, the Zen rethoric proposes an alternative, non-competitional model, empathically using language to acquire wisdom, to avoid suffering and to offer compassion.

By definition the paradox is a form of expression opposing common opinion. She has also co-authored Professional Genres in Public Administration and two bilingual dictionaries of robotics She is the founder and the coordinator of the BA and MA programs in advertising at this institution. The feminist rhetoric Such story-telling is typical for the latest changes in the field of rhetoric, it allows us to investigate on a meta-theoretical level the conceptual framework of rhetoric.

PCTS 6_2013

Kairos involves the principle of a proper measure prepon or decorum. What s we believed that each person is quite capable of waking up to the reality around him or her and responding appropriately, without being converted to some position or belief we share?

He is part of an international team of researchers interested in the field of sociocultural studies, philosophy of science and technological transfer. From the philosophical confusions to the communication.

Media research is a permanent issue. Drawing from rhetorical communication, IRT offers a list of potential cincra response strategies image restoration strategies.

Just like Chinese rhetoric practice, the Japanese rhetoric practice or Zen was codified and transmitted rather by creating stories charged with lessons – fables or short stories — compared to the Greek and Roman handbooks Herrick, And arguments about policy have usually — though not always — accepted conjecture, definition, and value.

Starting from these analyses we can draw the first conclusion: Crisis managers use dissociations in cincfa attempt of reducing the threat a crisis poses to reputation. It is not difficult to pinpoint the causes, but, we must admit that in this field also significant studies are scarce. The emergence of the new digital platforms, a diversified number of approaches and providers cannot damage too much a rather crowded info sphere.